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Fruit Flaps Color Book

With a red apple, orange orange, yellow banana, green grapes, blue berries, purple plums, and pink watermelon, this soft, touch-and-feel book is sure to whet your little one's appetite for exploring different colors and fabric textures.

Each fruit has a peek-a-boo flap to encourage motor skills, and reveal fun faces inside.

Great sewing project for using up scraps!

You can now download the "Fruit Flaps Color Book" as a digital pattern from Sew Baby.

Quilted Dollhouses

Quilted Dollhouses are real, three-dimensional dollhouses made entirely from fabric and batting. They're fun to play with, and also portable and lightweight.

Quilted Dollhouses includes patterns and instructions for:

  • a basic dollhouse
  • bay windows
  • dormer windows
  • a chimney and fireplace
  • front or side porches
  • an optional back wall and carrying handle
  • a barn or double-house
  • a Victorian house with a turret
  • a shoebox style dollhouse (the roof flips over to become the backyard)
  • furniture (living room, bedroom, kitchen... even a quilted toilet!)
  • simple felt dolls and clothes
  • decorations for a bunny house (with carrot furniture)
  • decorations for a gingerbread house (and candy furniture)
  • and more!

With 25 pages of patterns, the possibilities for colors, patterns, and decorations are almost endless. You can make any of the houses shown in these instructions, or you can mix and match styles (a Victorian gingerbread house, perhaps?), embellish them using your favorite techniques, and add your own ideas. Keep it simple, or add as much detail as you'd like.

Although quilted dollhouses do take some time to sew, they require only basic to intermediate sewing skills. You can do all of the quilting on a regular sewing machine, if you wish, but you'll need to hand sew to assemble the dollhouse.

You can now download "Quilted Dollhouses" as a digital pattern from Sew Baby.

Little Dollings
These little beanbag dolls are fun and easy to sew. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the finished dolls measure just 5 1/2 inches tall, making them the perfect playmate to take anywhere. So simple to make, and a great way to use up scraps!

You can now download "Little Dollings" as a digital pattern from Sew Baby.