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Here's a peek at the how-to articles that I've had published in magazines.
Where applicable, I've included a link to the publisher's website,
where you can order the article as a back issue.

You can also find links to my web articles, and download free patterns.
Treehouse With Bears
Soft Dolls & Animals April/May 2010
A cute three-dimensional dollhouse shaped like a tree!
Mousie Pie and Puppies in a Cupcake
Soft Dolls & Animals August/September 2008
Pie and cupcake shaped dollhouses with dolls.
Flower Pot Pincushions
Sew Simple Spring 2008
Five felt flowers that make fun pincushions.
Pod People
Soft Dolls & Animals April/May 2008
Make Pet Peas, a Butterfly Baby, or a Monkey in a Banana.
Spring Things
Soft Doll & Animals Aug./Sept. 2005
These fun, flowery dolls are based on a doodle I used to do.
Purple Pillow-Eater (and Friends)
Soft Dolls & Animals September 2001
Turn a pillow into a plump, lovable (and unique looking!) puppet. Note: This back issue is sold out, but I hope to make the patterns and instructions available on my website soon.
Stress Toys
Soft Dolls & Animals July 2003
These colorful creatures allow you to vent, relieve, and express your stress. (Of course, the best way to relieve stress may be making them.) Includes patterns for a screaming finger puppet, stretchable elastic fellow, squeezable stress reliever, huggable pillow with posable mouth, and a microwaveable hot pack.
Changin' Angels
The Cloth Doll Vol. 14, No. 2 (2000)
These adorable angels change from tree ornaments into dolls when you change their robes to playclothes. (Both attach with velcro, so they're easy to change, even for small fingers.) Includes step-by-step instructions and patterns for a boy, girl, robes, pants, and dresses.

Note: There is a pattern for a Carmen Miranda marionette by Steve Overton in The Cloth Doll issues Fall/Winter 1996 (Vol. 12, No. 1) through Winter 1997/98 (Vol. 12, No. 4) (it's a four-part series).

Baby Bunny Quilt
Instructions on
A quick and easy quilt you can make from polar fleece. You can download the patterns here.
Father's Day Cards Kids Can Make
Instructions on
Two fun and easy Father's Day cards. You can download the Dad Heart template or the Super Dad template